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Sedgwick Factual Photo
Our Commitment To You
Since 1994 Sedgwick Factual Photo, Inc. (also known as Factual Photo, Inc) has been dedicated to merging the many facets of investigation to offer our clients a comprehensive array of investigative services. Now, in 2014, we are proud to reaffirm our corporate values of Innovation, Commitment and Excellence - standards we believe are essential to be the best in the industry.
See our Coverage page for "License held information by State."
Investigative Specialists
Sedgwick Factual Photo is a proven leader offering premier investigative services that help our clients determine the validity of questionable claims.

Our services include:

Please visit the Services page for detailed descriptions of our services.
More Fraud Facts
  • One in three Americans believe it is ok to exaggerate insurance claims to make up for the deductible.
  • One in four Americans believe it is ok to pad a claim to make up for premiums they have already paid.
  • One in five employed workers say they have been aware of fraud in their workplace.
  • Worker's Compensation and Personal Injury fraud costs the insurance industry roughly $5 billion each year.
As reported by I.R.C.